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    Fascinating technology for innovative users
    Innovative Polishing Systems Europe
    Top Quality Repair Systems for Glass and Acrylic
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    The damage will be fixed distortion free and lasting,
    the surface will be as good as new!

Fascinating technology for innovative users

SheerForce Polishing Systems remove scratches from glass surfaces - distortion free! Unlike conventional systems, the SheerForce Polishing compound does not grind off material or fill up the scratch with resin or any other extraneous materials. The damage is fixed permanently and free of distortion. The surfache is as good as new.

SheerForce Polishing is suitable for all kinds of glass, especially for high-value custom-engineerd glass, as well as built-in or custom-made window panes and for a variety of industrial sectors, e. g.
glass manufacturing - shipbuilding - aviation - automotive - zoo and aquaria - ballistic glass etc.


The perfect tool for perfect results

The Jepson 3405 is the perfect addition to the SheerForce polishing systems for both glass and acrylic.

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Go with the Inventors, not with the Imitators!

Advantages of SheerForce technology

An extraordinary mode of operation:
Conventional polishing systems use grinding processes to repair scratches, often leaving behind a "lens" or visible distortion. In contrast, SheerForce draws upon a combination of physical and chemical processes to make glass "flow" at a molecular level, thus creating shear thinning on the surface where the surface. The glass molecules re-align themselves in the immediate area of the scratch and fuse together
thereby providing a surface which is as good as new!

Application Areas of SheerForce-Products

Glass manufacturing

Automotive industry



ballistic glass

Zoo and Aquaria