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Company History

Innovation and creativity

In 1987 David Gittins, owner and founder of Innovative Polishing Systems, Inc., started to develop glass and acrylic repair systems. His inventions were ground-breaking and helped glass industries in the US to save millions of dollars.

David Gittins, who invented SheerForce Polishing Systems, is likewise a user of his own systems. Driven by inventive genius, he untiringly searches for additional improvements of his products and for new fields of application.

David´s chief motive has always been –and still is- the protection of the environment. Glass and plastic industries, in particular, are notorious for their exeedingly high demands on energy and raw materials. SheerForce Polishing Systems offers the chance to save natural resources by conserving and restoring glass.

The SheerForce Polishing System for glass is the only one of its kind that has been certified by the ANSI (American National Standard Institute) and the BSI (British Standard Institute) as distortion-free.

In 2009 David Gittins finally decided to set up direct representation outside the USA and IPS Glass Europe was born. Owner and director of IPS Europe GmbH is Gabriela von Landenberg, graduate engineer.